Monday, August 24, 2009

Picnic Time

Dragged the Nuni and the Husband to Joy the Baker's picnic this weekend. (Actually, husband thinks Joy is quite cute, and the Nuni is DOWN with anything that involves both a picnic AND cupcakes, so there wasn't actually much dragging involved). Nuni spent the entire drive over saying "Picnic! Cupcake!", interspersed with counting to twenty (her new trick, but don't be too impressed. She thinks eight comes after three and seventeen comes after eleven.) We got to the picnic and were treated to excellent fried chicken, cupcakes, kettle corn, and for the uninitiated, cheetos. The Nuni immediately sat herself on the ground with not one but TWO cupcakes and proceeded to inhale chocolate frosting (before wiping it all over my white pants), then spent a good hour running around and grabbing cheetos whenever she could (alas, my child is among the uninitiated). In other words, we had a fine time.

If you haven't checked out Joy's blog, you should: Joy the Baker
And if you have, I can assure you that Joy in person sounds EXACTLY like Joy on the blog. It's almost spooky.

ETA Picture Proof of the Nuni enjoying her cupcake. (not taken by me. My home computer has a virus and I am currently pictureless). This was kindly sent to us by Tom of Bringin the Cheese. Thanks Tom!

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