Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Blues Barbecue

This is just a quickie, since Sesame Street is about to end, but we ordered last night from Baby Blues Barbecue in WeHo and man oh man was it good. We had been to the Venice location a couple of years ago and I remembered liking it, but Venice is kind of a trek. How stoked was I to discover that not only did Baby Blues open a location nearby, but they deliver as well! Now I love going out to dinner as much as (or probably more than) the next person, but having an almost 2 year old can make the experience -- how do I put this? Less than relaxing. Having a delivery option makes us much more likely to get to eat at this place often.

And, if it weren't for the perils of my waistline, that would be very often indeed. We ordered a combo Baby Back Ribs and Memphis Style long bone pork ribs, which were both fantastic (though Ken and I agreed we both preferred the baby back). Smoky, tender, flavorful, not at all dry. Throw in their signature sauce, a few stellar sides (collards that actually TASTE like something, and the best macaroni and cheese I've had, anywhere, plus fried okra just for kicks) and it was an excellent Saturday night date. Granted, we had to watch Cinderella while we were eating, but that also meant that we got to eat without a Nuni climbing on us.


  1. Oh, yes. Yes. I love their food so much, I had Baby Blues cater my WEDDING :) Ribs, mac 'n cheese, grilled shrimp, corn bread, mashed sweet potatoes, and beans that make you understand why beans should ever take up precious space on your plate. I ate it all, white wedding dress be damned.

  2. Benno and I have a Baby Blues around the corner from us in San Fran. Love it and I'm not even a BBQ fan... well, I didn't think I was. My fav is the pulled pork sandwich.