Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

Twittering from this morning:

Husband went to work, I went to class. We were in shock. English Legal History. Later he came home, and we walked to Central Park. #on911
37 minutes ago from web

Watched Dan Rather on TV at 59th Street. Very Comforting. Still bitter he got fired. He was a voice of sanity in chaos. #on911
32 minutes ago from web

Worst part was all the "missing" posters. For months. All over NYC. #on911
29 minutes ago from web

The city was never the same for me. There was danger and sorrow in every corner. #on911
28 minutes ago from web

I thought I was over it - that it was long ago and in another life, until I found tears streaming down my face this morning. #on911
25 minutes ago from web

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